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About US


"Birbal" a legend in history, synonymous with intelligent solutions, someone who always had solutions to Mughal emperor Akbar's perplexing questions. He was a benediction to the empire, because of his ever ready wits. With his intelligence there was no problem left unsolved.


This is not just a story, but a reality which still exists in Akbar's and Birbal's form. Today Akbar is replaced by the 21st century generation, with questions and problems even more hard to get solved. But there is no Birbal. We have developed a team of conscientious individuals Hbirbals "The Hospitality Birbals" who with their expertise and perceptiveness are geared up to provide an answer to all your hospitality and service industry queries. We have the information and resources to understand and solve critical business needs.


Hbirbals providing innovative and effective hospitality services such as hospitality training programs, career planning and counseling, human resources development services for the hospitality industry, including training for front line employees, middle management at hotels, restaurants and travel intermediaries.


We provide consulting, training, and staffing, so that you know what customers want how to satisfy them. Today’s competitive market requires that as much attention be given to the Server as the Served. In a service, the two are much more closely linked than in a manufacturing process. To help the server become competent in this global market is one of the aims of the Hospitality Birbals. Today’s and tomorrow’s hospitality managers will benefit immensely from the wide array of services that we have to offer such as career consultancy and virtual counseling.

Hbirbals helps hospitality organizations and professionals use Internet technology to establish their online presence and showcase their products and services globally. Our endeavor is to help our clients leverage digital technology to make their business work for them. It delivers e-services as web site hosting, web site designing, domain name registration, search engine submission, search engine optimization, graphics and image designing, logo designing, job oriented counseling, educational consultancy, strategies, creative technology solutions to medium and large hospitality businesses.


Some need sites for informational purposes to give better customer support, some need web sites to sell or promote their products and so on. We at Hbirbals work closely with our clients keeping in mind all there requirements and needs to be taken care of while developing the web site. By considering the important and relevant aspects, and properly integrating them into your web site design, when added to a well rounded online presence building plan, will assure you the best chance for online success and will send your message across to the right audience.


Hbirbals has all the capabilities and abilities to develop your web sites the best and the most cost effective way you could ever imagine. Your web site in our professional hands equals to a complete value for your money.  


The Information superhighway is a marvelous vehicle for accessing information in a very timely manner. And we promise to get you riding this vehicle and be at ease. Apart from building custom web applications for our clients, we also deliver the goods when it comes to more sophisticated applications. 


Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a large corporate, we have the creativity, experience and resources to put the Web to work for you, with a range of skills that covers all aspects of web based communication and strategic consulting that can focus on the business aspects of your web project. Discover the many ways in which we can help you create custom based web applications. 


Quality: Our team of expert designers and programmers work hard to achieve the quality of service that we deliver to our clients. Each team member is an expert in more than one web technologies and the combined effort of the whole team produces results that far excels the expectations of our clients leaving them highly satisfied and delivering them a complete value for money. Our team sincerely believes that delivering quality products is the first step to maintaining cordial relations with our clients. 


Professional Acumen: We have a habit of employing strategies which best suit your needs and target audience. The whole process of web development is in a phased manner thereby reducing any chances of any discrepancy in serving you.  


Reliability: We have a proven track record of delivering solutions on time and each excelling in the expectations of our clients. 


Technology: Our team of professionals is thoroughly equipped with the knowledge of the latest web technologies. With our upper hand over the latest web technologies we can and are able to cater to a large group of clients with varying requirements. 


Pricing: Best things always come in small packages. So, we believe in serving you better and in a manner feasible to your economical needs as well. 


Creating custom applications for the creation, dissemination, and management of business information via the Internet, the Hbirbals team works closely with clients to ensure satisfaction. From building highly interactive websites with the help of Flash, Active X technology, to building custom web applications for your website such as online shopping carts, our team excels beyond your expectations. We have an expertise in building not just websites for companies across the globe, but also e-enabling the businesses and putting them on the information superhighway using technologies such as CGI-Perl, PHP, ASP, XML, Flash and Java, or just pure graphic design.  


A successful site is one which can retain the visitor and keep him enchanted for his whole journey through the site. As said earlier, our professional acumen helps us design the whole process of web design in a phased and efficient manner. We have worked with many clients spreading across all the verticals of businesses, spreading across the globe. Our family of professionals has delivered solutions across the span of Internet services. Our professionals are a judicious mix of experience and talent.


Hbirbals is one of the top Hospitality Services Organizations, a complete solution provider for an entire hospitality spectrum – from large businesses, institutions and agencies to small and medium enterprises, shops, restaurants, hotels, establishments and individuals. We have the experience, expertise and resources to provide end-to—end solutions to the hospitality industry globally.

Apart from standard web services such as design, development and hosting, we undertake on-site implementation of complex web based enterprise solutions. Our expertise in Business Process Analysis and Internet consultancy are deployed in this activity, which also often involves customized development.

"In a nutshell, our services will benefit hospitality students, professional and provide solutions to the needs of hospitality industry."


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