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Food and Beverages Management


ABC of Restaurant Planning

In any establishment a client’s first impressions on entering the dining room are of great importance. The creation of atmosphere by the careful selection of items in terms of shape, design and color enhances the overall décor or theme and contributes to the total harmony. >>>more


Challenges f the 21st Century

Since the crash of the world economy many companies have been in very difficult competitive situations. They have faced many problems and challenges such as relentless pressure on margins, unprecedented drop in demand, diminishing returns on yesterday’s sure fight strategies and an enormous pressure to innovate on a shoestring budget. >>>more


Connecting with the Customer

Many a times, we have come across, an unfriendly server, ‘cold’ ticket attendant and an irritated customer-care executive. As a result of the same, we choose not to deal or avoid interacting (moments of truth!) with the firm in question. Reproduced below is a beautiful piece on the customers’ feelings, when the customer has an unpleasant experience:>>>more


Departmental Org of a Hotel

A hotel is an organization made up of different departments all of which have to work in close co-ordination for the efficient working of the organization. Some departments are more important as far revenue is concerned, some do not produce revenue but are very important from the operational point>>>more


Hospitality Ratio Analysis
Financial Statements provide a wealth of important information to investors, creditors, managers and other users. To be most meaningful, though, financial statements must be analyzed.>>>more


The WOW Factor

More and more companies today, worldwide are concentrating on one word - “QUALITY” and it is has become synonymous with the best in the industry, whichever industry it happens to be. With increasing competition in every field in the country, India too is waking up to one reality, i.e.; for survival, provide quality and to be a leader-excel.>>>more


Top Ten Service Commandments

A friend of ours mixes metaphors. You know, things like "don't cry over a dead horse" or "it's half of one, six dozen of the other." Our all-time favorite expression came after a particularly busy shift she worked at the restaurant. "I was running around like a chicken with my legs cut off!">>>more



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