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Beer- An Introduction

Beer making dates back to ancient Egyptian times. There are five main types of beer: lager, stout, ale, porter and bock. The process of making >>>more


Vodka - Wife's Deceiver

‘I must get out of these red clothes and into a dry vodka martini’ said Alexander Woolcott. Since the late 1940’s, vodka has been a great success worldwide. Russia and Poland, both lays claim to have given the world vodka. >>>more


Cigar House

The year was 1492. Christopher Columbus not only discovered a New World, but a wonderful new enjoyment that is delighting connoisseurs throughout the entire world.>>>more


Gin -  Dutch Courage

The name gin comes from ‘Genievre’- the French for juniper. One characteristic which all gin shares is the presence of juniper berries. Gin is defined as a rectified spirit made from malted barley, rye or corn or a combination>>>more


Alcohol Glossary

This is an in depth look at the glossary, literature on brands and percentages by volume of various spirits and liquors from around the world. This is simply meant to be a memory jogger for professional servers; a quick succinct source of practical authentic information.>>>more


Although connoisseurs of wines and spirit tend to frown upon liqueurs, they are favoured as polite, attractive and digestive drinks with which we finish our meals. In the US, liqueurs are also known as cordials but are more popularly defined as flavoured and sweetened spirits. >>>more


The Scots fought their wars on whisky. The first to make whisky were the Irish. Irish and Scottish settlers brought the art of making whisky to America when they made homes in Pennsylvania in the middle of the 17th century. >>>more



Different types of Mocktails with ingredients, method, granish and glass Information.>>>more

Taking an Order
Order taking is a skilful art that reflects the efficiency of both the waiter and the establishment. An order taken down clearly and precisely would ensure that each guest guests exactly what he has ordered and in the right sequence.>>>more

An ancient philosopher from distant past said, as he left the image of tea posterity: “ When I drink tea, I am conscious of peace, the cool breadth of heaven rises in my sleeves and blows>>>more

Variety of Grapes
In order to appreciate wine, it's essential to understand the characteristics different grapes offer and how those characteristics should be expressed in wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel are all red grapes>>>more


"Types of service"

 Enter to learn, go forth to serve'. A restaurant is a commercial establishment committed to the sale of food and beverage.  A restaurant may be a licensed part of a hotel operation, whereby the sales of the restaurant contribute to the sales performance>>>more



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