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Although connoisseurs of wines and spirit tend to frown upon liqueurs, they are favoured as polite, attractive and digestive drinks with which we finish our meals. In the US, liqueurs are also known as cordials but are more popularly defined as flavoured and sweetened spirits. The word liqueur has originated from the Latin word LIQUIFACERE meaning to dissolve. This actually refers to the flavouring, material dissolving in the spirits. The word cordial stems from the Latin word CORDIALS, which means pertaining to the heart as early examples of these were used to stimulate the circulatory system.

Liqueurs can be divided into many different types. But, they are most easily categorized by the flavour, type and characteristic styles. Based on flavour and style, you could get Fruit flavoured liqueurs, individual plant flavoured liqueurs, herb-flavoured liqueurs, liquor-flavoured liqueurs and Cream liqueurs.


Every Liqueur starts with a base spirit, more often than not, a neutral spirit. Flavours can be impregnated into the spirit by distillation, percolation or maceration. After the flavour has been set, the liqueur is sweetened and then diluted. No ageing periods are required. However, a little resting period is recommended after each step in the production process.


The list of good liqueurs is endless but the following are the more popular varieties:

·      Anitsette : Aniseed flavoured, colourless

·      Benedictine : Brandy based, flavoured with a variety of plants.

·      Cointreau / Grand mariner : Orange flavoured, neutral spirit from France.

·      Crème de menthe : Mint flavoured, commonly green but could be colourless, gold or even red!

·      Drambuie : Golden coloured, whiskey based with a blend of herbs and golden heather

·      Kahlua : Coffee flavoured Mexican origin.

·      Tia Maria: Jamaican rum liqueur, flavoured with coffee.


1) On which liqueur bottle will one come across the designation D.O.M.?
2) What colour is Cointreau?
3) Which liqueur has Gold Leaf floating in it?
4) Which liqueur had the reputation of being called a Prostitutes Drink?
5) What is SloeGin?
6) What does B&B stand for?
7) What is the popular Japanese drink Saki made from?
8) Which is the famous orange flavoured liqueur, which in Italian means The Witch?
9) What is the flavouring in Midori?
10) Chartreuse was originally made by monks. What colourd do they come in?


1) Benedictine. It stands for Deo Optimo Maximo meaning ‘To God, Most Good, Most Great’
2) Colourless
3) A German liqueur Goldwasser, citrus and caraway flavoured.
4) Crème de menthe
5) This is not a Gin, but a sloeberry flavoured liqueur.
6) Brandy & Benedictine. B&B is a drink than Benedictine itself.
7) Rice.
8) Strega
9) Melon
10) Yellow and Green



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