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Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions
The Hospitality Birbals



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Hbirbals is an e-hospitality and consulting firm dedicated in providing innovative and effective hospitality services such as hospitality training programs, career planning and counseling, human resources development services for the hospitality industry, including training for front line employees, middle management at hotels, restaurants and travel intermediaries.


We provide consulting, training, and staffing, so that you know what customers want how to satisfy them. Today’s competitive market requires that as much attention be given to the Server as the Served. In a service, the two are much more closely linked than in a manufacturing process. To help the Server become competent in this global market is one of the aims of the Hospitality Birbals. Today’s and tomorrow’s hospitality managers will benefit immensely from the wide array of services that we have to offer such as career consultancy and virtual counseling.


Hbirbals helps hospitality organizations and professionals use Internet technology to establish their online presence and showcase their products and services globally. Hbirbals can create your Web "storefront" incorporating elements of your existing promotional materials to enhance your current marketing campaign. Or we can custom design your Web Site from the beginning, including complete art and design, copy writing, scanning and color correction of product photos, and custom backgrounds, icons, and clickable buttons.


Our endeavor is to help our clients leverage digital technology to make their business work for them. It delivers e-services as web site hosting, web site designing, domain name registration, search engine submission, search engine optimization, graphics and image designing, logo designing, job oriented counseling, educational consultancy, strategies, creative technology solutions to medium and large hospitality businesses.


Every client is unique with its own set of needs. We determine how these needs can be best met by following an iterative approach:

Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Client Needs Analysis
    - Identify & Prioritize Needs.
Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Strategy Development
   - Define a Solution Path.
Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Solution Design
   - Incorporate the Strategy into a Design.
Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Solution Development
   - Develop the Solution based on the Design.
Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Solution Deployment
   - Deliver the Solution.
Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Solutions Assessment
   - Assess the solution.
Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Solutions Maintenance
   - Perform maintenance and administration.


In a nutshell, our services will benefit hospitality students, professional and provide solutions to the needs of hospitality industry.

“Hbirbals’ opinions, knowledge and solutions to day-to-day life’s situations have been appreciated by many hospitality professionals and firms who are ambitious and with futuristic mindsets.”



Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Domains India
They have real, live people available by phone, at no additional charge... this is evidence of how well they manage their service? and how easy it to use. The server is so great that our site has never gone down."


Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions MediaWeb

They kept us updated on their progress every step of the way. If there were rating criteria for this Hospitality, web and consultancy firm on a scale of 1-10, they would most certainly receive an 11+!

Thank you Hbirbals!


Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Chef Raghu Deora

...From the start Birbals knew exactly what I need to build my web presence in a more professional manner. I can honestly say this was the absolute best experience I have ever had with any web development firm! These guys are simply amazing....


Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions Chef Shyam Longani

Hbirbals was an exceptional help, keeping us up to date on all aspects of the website design concept and creation. They were very communicative, helpful, and easy to reach throughout the website design process.


Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions

The Hospitality Birbals are  literally the backbone of my business. They went way beyond expectations by delivering a beautiful website in record time. Thank you sincerely for making the effort to provide an excellent web presence coupled by extraordinary customer support."




Hospitality & Consultancy Solutions


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